Connection Practice Hawaii
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We practice and share Connection Practice (TM /RFI) in Hawaii. We host Daily Coherence on ZOOM (ID:8083349616) daily at 6am Japan time, 11am Hawaii time. This group is led by Yumi and Gen Morita living in Kona, Hawaii.

Yumi and Gen are Master Rasur/Certified Master Trainer of Connection Practice. Gen is HeartMath Certified Trainer and Japanese medicine practitioner. Yumi is International Outreach Director of RFI and Japanese medicine practitioner. They are a married couple sharing Connection Practice to Japanese and English speaking people.

Yumi and Gen will be hosting The 1st International Connection Practice Foundation Course and Retreat in Hawaii, Nov 1-6, 2019, with Rita Marie Johnson as the lead trainer. There will be 4 Master Rasur from Japan participating the retreat.

This is the beginning of the building community of Rasur in the world, connecting North/South American, European, Asian, African, Oceanian and Japanese Connection Practice practitioners.